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Bakery Fair 2024 Brochure & Application Form


This is Bakery Fair 2024 Secretariat. 

Thank you for your interest in Bakery Fair 2024.

Bakery Fair is one of the biggest bakery exhibition in South Korea.

Many Korean bakery companies participate in the show, 

along with various types of bakery competitions.

[Show Introduction]

-  Title : Bakery Fair 2024

- Dates : November 20-23, 2024

- Venue : Coex Center Hall C, Seoul, South Korea

- Items : Dessert&Bakery, Bakery Machinery, Baking Tools/Supplies, Bakery Packaging, Raw Material, Semi-prepared Bakery, Commercial Bakery, Dairy Products, Eggs&Processed Meat, Bakery Store/Kitchen Equipment, Bakery Store Start-up Solution

- Concurrent Show : Coex Food Week, World Food Tech Expo

If you are interested in participating the exhibition as an exhibitor, 

please download the application form attached and send it to Bakery Fair 2024 Secretariat. 

E-mail : baf@coex.co.kr

Thank You, 

Bakery Fair Secretariat.